cello maintenance

won’t bore you with the details but i finally brought my cello in for maintenace. all i’ll say is its way more playable and sounds better. its one of those things that makes me wonder why i didn’t do it long ago.

my point is – i learned a lesson here and i need to remember it and carry it with me.

one of my heroes…



  1. Hi Lenny,
    Welcome to the Cello Blogosphere! You won’t bore us with the details. In fact, please detail on to your heart’s content. ggp

  2. Thanks for the welcome! The details about my cello? Its a student grade instrument really but Greg at A&G Instrument Repair in Oakland overhauled it. He planed the finger board so it would have the proper scoop. The first finger B and the A string doesn’t buzz anymore! I have a new bridge as well and he reset the tail piece. The tailpiece cord had stretched and warped the old bridge. Bummer since the old one was an Aubert. When I get some new strings I’ll really be happy.

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