STS / Enablers – Joe and Kevin, Episode 2

In this series of So To Speak we focus on the guitarists in the band Enablers (there is no “The”),
Joe Goldring and Kevin Thomson

Enablers are a spoken word rock band that started in San Francisco in 2002. Known for its distinctive character with prose and poetry written and performed by Pete Simonelli, guitar interplay between Goldring and Thomson, and a heavy yet meticulous backbeat provided by Doug Scharin,

In this episode they talk about the lack of a bass player when they play live.

For more info about Enablers, go to​

or their Facebook page



  1. Excellent interview, thanks!
    I love Kevin and Joe’s guitar interplay.
    Did they mention what tuning they use? It sounds more complicated than a dropped D.

    • Hello Paul,

      Thanks for watching. They use a lot of alternate tunings and you are right, more complicated that drop D. I have some bonus material about their tunings coming up in a few months. Stay tuned!

      • Thank you, Paul! o shit….yes, there are way too many of them!!! I know that Joe plays in more than I do but I believe that I am up to 8 if you include the ones that stray by one string from either regular or DADGAD, which is the tuning I learned to play in and predominantly use in enablers. So, standard and DADGAD form the basis from which more happens…then there are “special” ones like DGDA#D#D# or DAAAAD that are kind of one-offs for a certain tune. G and a modified G are coming on strong as well. I also favor a D7 tuning for other projects as well as two very weird E’s…..not giving anything else away! Madness…….


  2. My two favourite guitarists. Perfect interplay, brilliant ideas, amazing tones. I’ve been looking for help with Enablers guitar parts for a while. Starting with the tuning. I had a feeling it wasn’t just drop D or D standard. This helps quite a bit. On YouTube someone has just uploaded play alongs for End Note and Pauly’s Days In Cinema. Dom x

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