A Second Round


L-R: Jessica Ivry, Alisa Rose, Irene Sazer, and Dina Maccabee

Real Vocal String Quartet hired me to do another round of publicity and CD art work imagery for their upcoming album titled Four Little Sisters. We knew, going into it, that our work would be the basis for Doug Chayka’s illustration for the CD cover so this time we had a predetermined concept guided and art directed by Corey Weinstein. Amber Rogers provided the artful and elegant hair and makeup. This shoot had what we all want in a shoot – to start with a concept but have room to improvise. There was a lot of trust and confidence on set and it had a direct impact.




We had not planned to do these but I always feel a need to do individual portraits when I photograph
a band. I shot these quickly with a flash hand held as far as my arm could stretch up. I layed this out
and sent it right away. They ended up using it, as is, in the CD packaging.

RVSQ Four Little Sisters Cover Art

Doug Chayka’s cover art

It may seem oddly modest to not expect my photograph to be on the cover of their CD but I thought it was wise to go with a full on illustration. It think the images resonate off each other by having those figures exist in both the photo-optical world and the hand made world.

Want to see and hear how amazing they are? Watch them perform “Machine” by Regina Spektor in a video by the talented folks at Chasing The Moon.


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