Arachnid Neighbors

For some reason the spiders have chosen our property to set up a community. 5 big webs are up right now. Pictured is biggest one of the bunch.


Thanks Mr. DeCarava…

Roy DeCarava was an early inspiration for me. After my initial obsession with making the perfect black & white print(full scale-dark darks & white whites) I became dissatisfied with the stock way of doing things. His prints were beautiful – smokey, subtle, and mysterious. Find a copy of The Sweet Flypaper Of Life.


Obit from the NYTimes here…

Ideas vs. Time

From The Economist – an interesting story about the trend for some ad agencies moving away from billing clients for hours worked to a “value-based” compensation system.

Of particular interest to me is the last graph where author, Ron Baker “thinks service agencies need to grasp that they sell ideas, not time, and that ideas should be generously compensated.”

click here for the story...

the why

Its said over and over that this year’s election is the most important ever.  How can that be when my vote will only be one among millions?   Just because you are a drop in the vast ocean of votes your own relationship and connection to this is what you should be thinking about. As a citizen, voting is just the beginning when it comes to what you are capable of in your community.