Recent Work – The Unlearning


Theresa Wong‬ and Carla Kihlstedt‬, before performing The Unlearning,

New Frequencies Festival‬ at Yerba Buena Center For the Arts, San Francisco 


Switchboard Music

Recent work:  directors of Switchboard Music…

15_6-7_Switchboard_0177The lineup of the 2016 Switchboard Music Festival, on June 18 – Tyondai Braxton, San Francisco Girls Chorus, Aram Shelton, Religious Girls, Majel Connery and Ken Ueno with The Living Earth Show, Del Sol String Quartet, Alisa Rose, ZOFO, and more!

They are running an Indiegogo campaign to pre-sell tickets and to get additional support. Check out the rewards.

From The Archive – Just in time for the 34th America’s Cup finals

Larry Ellison and Norbert Bajurin at the Golden Gate Yacht Club, SF 2002

In 2002, Ellen Zaslow hired me to photograph Larry Ellison and Norbert Bajurin, the commodore of the Golden Gate Yacht Club. Julian Guthrie had written a profile about Oracle Racing’s move from the grand St. Francis Yacht Club to the blue-collar Golden Gate Yacht Club down the street. She developed the story further into a book titled, The Billionaire and The Mechanic (Bajurin runs a radiator shop).

When making a portrait, its easy to get stuck on a desired result, to get overly concerned with making your subject look good. The problem with that is you can miss the sublime moments that occur while waiting to capture that garden-variety smile.